Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Gaman Malu.

How to make an Order with Gaman Malu?
  • Customers can have start a chat with us about him/her/their requirement.
  • Once customer explain the requirements such as bag or pouch type, size, quantity needed and etc we can can give customer a price quotation within few minutes(some times it may take up to few hours) for him/her/their requirement.
  • Once customer agreed with the price quotation customer should need to advance payment of 30% to 50% of total order value in order to confirm the order.
Is there any minimum quantity (MOQ)?

Yes we do have minimum quantity depend on the type of products.

  • Pouches minimum order should be 100 pouches.
  • Bags minimum order should be 25 bags.
  • Eco-friendly label prints minimum order should be 500 labels
  • For customized and personalized bags there are not any minimum quantity applied. You can order a single bag as well. But price is starting from Rs. 1000/= depend on the size of bag.
  • Customized label prints can be done for lesser quantities than 500 but should be more than 100 and prices starting from Rs. 1000/=

** For all bulk orders higher quantity will lead to less the price per piece.

Are you deliver Island wide?

Yes we deliver, but customer need to pay the delivery cost at the time customer receive the order to delivery service.Other than that customers can pickup orders as well. For more information please contact via our mobile number.

Are you doing Non-woven or paper bags?
  • No we don’t do Non-woven or paper bags.
  • Currently we’re doing Raw Jute, Jute Linen, Grey Cloth and Canvas related material bags and pouches.


What is the minimum time of completion of an order?

It depends on quantity and complexity of the order.
For Bag order

  • 25-50 bags order will deliver within 2 weeks time
  • 0-100 bags order will take in between 2 to 4 weeks time
  • For more than 100 bags order will take more than 4 weeks times. But customer can request to deliver what ever quantity completed by the time before complete the order

For Pouch order

  • Weddings cake pouch order should place and confirm well before one and half months prior to the event date.
  • Other pouch orders such as jewellery pouch holders time will taken similar to bags order. Only pouch quantity ranges will different. Because minimum pouch quantity starts from 100

Still need help? Feel free to call or send us a message!

For any other questions, please write us at gamanmalu@gmail.com or call us on +94770670645