Request for Quote – Whole Sale Bags/Pouches

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Please note: For Bags MOQ is 25 and Pouches MOQ is 100
For Bag order
- 25-50 bags order will deliver within 2 weeks time
- 51-100 bags order will take in between 2 to 3 weeks time
For more than 100 bags orders will take more than 3 weeks times. But customer can request to deliver whatever quantity completed by the time before complete the order

For Pouch order
- Weddings cake pouch order should place and confirm well before one and half months prior to the event date.
- Other pouch orders such as for business purpose pouch holders time will be taken similar to bags order. Only pouch quantity ranges will different. Because the minimum pouch quantity starts from 100.

But depending on the customer's expected date to complete the order, we can negotiate into a time frame.


For more information please check our FAQ page.